Carbonite Online Backup

What is peace of mind worth to you?

I spoke to a lady the other day that said she did not have her computer backed up. I asked what she would do if her computer crashed. She said cry. I asked if she had any of her pictures backed up and she said no not even the ones of her late husband. Then I asked about her genealogy file and she gasped, OMG I didn’t think of that. How much time does she have invested that would be gone. Try Carbonite Home online backup… or HomePlus…maybe you have those great home videos on your computer and you want them backed up…then HomePremier – use Carbonite Online Backup.

On another occasion a local small business owner had a server crash that contained valuable data. On-track data recovery quoted $1200.00 to recover the data. The tape backups were working but the settings were only doing part of the data from one of the 3 partitions on the server.  Is it worth $599/year to set it and not have to worry about it? Personally, I don’t have a server, so I can use the Business version without the server and unlimited computers, and my NAS (Network Access Storage) large drive for data. for $229/yr.

And….yes, it works on both PC and Mac.

There is even a mobile app if you want to access the files from your phone. Now that is peace of mind.


Carbonite online backup is automatic, accessible and affordable. Easily back up your files to the cloud from your PC or Mac.


Carbonite Home


Carbonite HomePlus

Carbonite HomePremier

Carbonite Business

Carbonite BusinessPremier

Once your payment is confirmed, our technician will follow up with you with the license key and help you install the software.

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