System Cleanup

The other day I was called to a home to do a “system cleanup” on a desktop computer. The home owner said it had been over 2 years since anything had been done to the machine and it is starting to make some noise.


I recommend at least every 6 months to open the case and vacuum out the dust. This was a little more than I expected. My little portable vacuum I keep in my tool kit could not handle this…so I borrowed the home owners. With this level of dust, the system starts to experience overheating and static buildup in the cat hair. Fortunately, we were able to clean it without any permanent damage. This took almost 3 hours to clean up. I like to look at it like your car, change the oil every 3,000 miles and you will drive it for years. If you keep the dust out, you will compute for years.

If you want us to help clean your system, we charge a flat rate $75.00. Includes both hardware and software cleanup. We will even give you a software tool you can use more often to keep the temporary files cleaned up. With this tool we recommend once a week for heavy Internet users.

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  1. Chuck Hutchinson Says:

    I opened a desktop computer once and found a half-inch of brown dust that looked like super fine coffee grounds. What a mess!

    Good advice on the regular clean up.

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