Ricardo Garza

Ricardo Garza CDW-Account-Manager

Ricardo Garza CDW-Account-Manager

Senior Account Manager, CDW (business partner)  was a consultant or contractor to you January 13, 2010.“Robert is a very diligent worker. He is very reliable and willing to do

anything to get the job done! He always puts his customer interests first. Very strongly recommended!”


Marjorie Stafford

Home Computer User (client) Marjorie hired you as a IT Consultant in 2009

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

I would like to relate a computer repair result. On February 24 & 25, 2009 I contacted Robert Johnson re: computer virus. My husband likes to scope out the internet sources for selling cars. One of the sites he visited left a virus on our computer. I had unsucessfully attempted to to remove the virus. I contacted Robert Johnson on February 24, 2009 and related the problem to him. He was able to access my computer with one of his programs, Go To Assist, and resolve the problem. He also installed a anti-virus program . It was awesome the method he used to resolve the problem. I thought I would have to pack up the computer, take it to him to repair, and go back and pick it up when it was repaired. We did this over the telephone with this program, Go To Assist. He told me I should run the virus program to be sure there were no other virus on the computer. I did as he said and the program found thirteen infected files. I couldn’t get them off the computer so I contacted Robert again and he removed the infected files with remote support software Go To Assist and a virus removal program. Needles to say I was impressed.

Jim Zook

General Contractor (client) Jim hired you as a IT Consultant in 2006

Top qualities: Expert,  Good Value,  High Integrity

“Robert was hired to install network solutions.  His work and ability to help understand options was very important to me.  I would highly recommend Robert for any IT type job you may have.  His ability to explain to a common person was most comforting.”

Doctor Paul

Doctor’s Office (client) Doctor Paul hired you as a IT Support Specialist

Top qualities: Knowledgeable, Good Value, REliablity, Focused, Training

This is my professional recommendation for Mr. Robert Johnson in his role as a computer support / installation / sales / teacher.

Over the last 12 years I have had three computer support people. However, Mr. Robert Johnson is the very best I have encountered. Here are his qualities and attributes, which are valuable to me as a business owner:

1. Prompt response on calls for help.

2. Reliability for appointments. He is there when he says he will be.

3. Knowledge. Maybe this should be # one. Robert has a much broader spectrum of computer knowledge than all my previous support persons.

4. In addition he can be finely focused when it comes to problem solving, pursuing computer problems through to a successful outcome.

5. He comes prepared, having thought about the problem in advance of arriving at my office.

6. Personality and comportment. Deep technical knowledge plus a polite, friendly, patient and well-mannered personality do not always go together. I am delightful to find this combination of attributes in Mr. Johnson.

7. Unlike many computer “gurus,” Robert is happy to teach you how to handle routine computer problems. This has really saved me money and trouble.

Very Truly Yours,

Dr. Paul



Rating:  (4 stars)
Text: “Robert took a little longer than I thought, but my computer runs much faster now. He told me when he stared it would take a few days. It runs like new. Robert’s system cleanup was what my computer needed after my grand daughter played on the Internet. Thanks”
From: Kim of Lake Odessa, MI on May 29, 2008