Training for a lifetime…

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Welcome to the Seminars & Training Calendar! MIDMI.NET offers Internet seminars to help you build your online skills. Read below to choose the course best suited for you, make a  reservation for a session being held in your area.

Internet 101 : Beginning User Seminars Internet 101 gives people the basic knowledge  they need to use the Internet. By attending a seminar, you can learn the fundamental  skills that will make the web more relevant, fun, and productive for you. The seminars cover topics such as:

  • Web Browsers: How to use your Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer web browser
  • Searching the internet: Explore the Internet with some of  the most widely used search tools
  • E-Mail: How to send, receive, and use the features of your E-Mail program
  • Additional Topics as Time Permits

Office 101 : Beginning User Seminars Office 101 gives people the basic knowledge  they need to use the Microsoft Office Suite. By attending a seminar, you can learn the fundamental skills for Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Access. The seminar covers topics such as:

  • Word, basic letters, mail merge and enevelopes
  • Excel, simple spreadsheets, formulas, and theme formating
  • PowerPoint, the basics of a presentation, adding media – sound, video and more

Most of our training is set up for 2 hour increments. Price $99.00 (class size is limited to available hardware at each facility)

Our philosophy on training is lifelong learning…

As a friend of mine once said, “The strength of an individual within a team is the ability to make continual contributions, above personal interest, toward a common goal.  The strength of the team is the ability of a group of people with differnet personalities but complementary skills to work toward a common goal. The face of competition is increasingly infrastructure vs. infrastructure, as opposed to company vs. company, and that requires new skills, training, and learning.” Douglas E. Booth